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Moving is difficult enough, and finding a new school can be an additional, unnecessary headache.
Greene’s takes the stress out of the equation. We have been providing small group (1-3 students to 1 tutor) tuition for over 55 years. Over our history, we have taught thousands of students who have gone on to study at the universities of Oxford and Cambridge and many other universities in the U.K. as well as various international universities around the world (including in Europe and the U.S.), Formula 2 racers, Mathematics prodigies, social media influencers and more.
The process of moving schools couldn’t be easier at Greene’s. Your full-time online schooling can be set up in fewer than three weeks. Get in touch today.

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At Greene’s, we enrol throughout the academic year, recognising the needs of the over 300,000 students who move schools at ‘non-standard’ times each year (just in the U.K.!).

All tuition is personalised at Greene’s: we are experts in designing a programme that suits every transfer student with minimum interruption to the ongoing of their studies.

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Greene’s College Oxford delivers British A levels from the heart of Oxford to wherever you are in the world. Our educational philosophy is based on a simple assumption: if a student’s course is tailored to suit their unique qualities and needs, they are more likely to be successful.

Outside of the U.K., Greene’s offers an outstanding online secondary school. Our full-time academic programmes are taught by experienced tutors (with over 60% hailing from the universities of Oxford and Cambridge). Students have the flexibility to attend their online tutorials from home or the Estoril or Lisbon campuses in Portugal. Tutorials are small group (1-3 students per 1 tutor) for maximum care and attention. This is the future of education, available now.


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