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Hilary Term 2023

Term Begins:
Thursday, 5th January 2023

Terms Ends:
Friday 31st March 2023

Reading Week:
Saturday, 11th February – Sunday, 19th February 2023 inclusive

Free webinar: Make it count – School transfer throughout the year

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Trinity Term 2023

Term Begins:
Monday, 17th April 2023

Terms Ends:
Friday, 23rd June 2023; or end of examinations for leavers

Study leave begins subject to examination schedules. For most students this will be Monday, 15th May 2023.

Public holidays:
Tuesday, 25th April 2023
Monday, 1st May 2023
Monday, 29th May 2023
Thursday, 8th June 2023

Students who will be continuing their A level studies at Greene’s into the 2023-24 academic year should plan to return to Greene’s on Monday, 12th June 2023 to start working on their university applications, projects and career-related topics.

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Examination registration deadlines

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michaelmas Term 2023

Term Begins:
Monday, 4th September 2023 (Tutorials start on Wednesday, 6th September 2023)

Terms Ends:
Friday, 15th December 2023

Reading Week:
Saturday, 21st October to Sunday, 29th October 2023 inclusive

Public holidays:
Thursday, 5th October 2023
Wednesday, 1st November 2023
Friday, 1st December 2023
Friday, 8th December 2023
Monday, 25th December 2023

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Hilary Term 2024

Term Begins:
Thursday, 4th January 2024

Terms Ends:
Friday, 22nd March 2024

Reading Week:
Saturday, 10th February to Sunday, 18th February 2024 inclusive.


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Trinity Term 2024

Term Begins:
Monday, 8th April 2024

Terms Ends:
Friday, 21st June 2024 (or end of examinations)

A level study and examination leave:
Commences Monday, 13th May 2024

Reading week:
Saturday, 25th May to Sunday, 2nd June 2024

Public holidays:
Thursday, 25th April 2024
Wednesday, 1st May 2024
Thursday, 30th May 2024
Monday, 10th June 2024

Students who will be continuing their sixth form studies at Greene’s into the 2024-25 academic year should plan to return to Greene’s on Monday, 10th June 2024 to start the second year of their Sixth Form curriculum and work on their university applications.


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