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What are A levels?

With British roots, A levels are internationally recognised qualifications. Universities across the world accept three A levels at grades A*- C as meeting the admissions criteria across a wide range of courses. A levels allow the student to focus on three subjects of their choosing, according to their strengths, interests and long-term goals.

Our online courses are taught by expert tutors in small groups of shared tuition or one-to-one where applicable. Each student is also allocated a Personal Tutor who will meet with them weekly and act as their academic mentor throughout their programme.

Available subjects

With over 190 subject-expert tutors ready to help, Greene’s offers a wide curriculum, individualised to each student’s academic interests. Typically, Greene’s A level students study three subjects of their choice: From popular subjects like Mathematics, English, and Sciences to niche subjects like History of Art, Music, and Japanese – nearly anything is possible. Enquire today and learn more about our subject availability.

Retaking your A levels

If you are wondering where to retake your A levels – look no further. At Greene’s, your retake course is designed to fit your specific needs and tuition is always individual or in groups of two or three depending on the circumstances of your retake programme and your academic objectives.

Retake your A Levels

University preparation

Greene’s helps you to apply to university in many different countries. Good A level grades provide you with a wide choice of universities and courses around the world. Click here to learn about how we can help you to apply to universities in the U.K. and U.S.

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