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Deadlines for examination entries

(after which late fees apply)

ExaminationGreene’s entry deadline
November A levels, IGCSE & GCSE31st August, 2023
Summer IGCSE & GCSE2nd February, 2024
Summer A level2nd February, 2024

Deadlines for access arrangements

(e.g. extra time)

ExaminationGreene's entry deadlines for access arrangements
November A levels, IGCSE & GCSEPlease contact the examinations officer at
Summer IGCSE & GCSE Summer A levelTBC

Deadlines after which “very late” fees apply

ExaminationGreene’s late entry deadline
November A levels, IGCSE & GCSE31st August, 2023
Summer IGCSE & GCSE Summer A levelVery late fees from 1st March, 2024; higher late fees apply from 1st April, 2024.

Coursework entry deadlines

Examination courseworkSubmission deadline
Summer GCSE & IGCSENoon on 30th March, 2024
Summer A levelNoon on 30th March, 2024

Entries for coursework units should be made along with examination entries. The dates listed below are the deadlines for submission of the completed and authenticated coursework to the exam office at Greene’s. Greene’s dates for examination registrations are set before the exam board’s deadlines in order that the necessary administrative work can be undertaken in time.

Late coursework will not be accepted.

For details of coursework deadlines for any other examination series, please contact us here.

Language speaking test dates

ExaminationDeadline/examination period
November 2023: Oral topic and/or picture to be provided31st August, 2023
November 2023: Oral exams31st August, 2023
Summer 2024: Oral topic and/or picture to be provided1st March, 2024
Summer 2024: Oral exams6th - 24th April, 2024

Candidates will be given between four and six weeks’ notice of the exact date and time of their speaking test.

A level modern languages candidates may be required to take supervision sessions with a Greene’s tutor; please contact us with your specification details to find out more.

Calendar of Deadlines

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