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are you a young athlete?

Struggling to fit your studies into your schedule? Greene’s creates individualised educational programmes for sportspeople, actors and actresses, YouTubers, and more.
Pedro Perino (see right), is a young and rising LMP3-class European Le Mans star. With daily commitments outside of schooling, Pedro’s organic study schedule allows him to access expert tutors all from home. Regular communication with with the Greene’s team allows him to re-arrange his studies around his training so that he can truly focus when in the cockpit.

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Actor, musician, social media influencer?

Got stage commitments, a tight schedule for your social media content, or constantly travelling around the world? For peace of mind, Greene’s provides consistent high-quality online education, which slots perfectly into your commitments.

A Greene’s educational programme entails:

  • Initial academic assessments & a personalised educational programme
  • Small group online tuition with our expert tutors (1-3 students per tutor)
  • Feedback slips at the end of each tutorial
  • Weekly check-in development meetings with a Personal Tutor
  • Online social clubs & events
  • Trial (mock) examinations (up to four times per year)
  • University entrance advice & careers guidance

KIck-start your online education

Students can join Greene’s College Oxford International throughout the academic year, and enrol within three weeks – with dedicated support for a truly seamless transition. To get started, discover our curriculum, college fees, or get in touch with a member of our admissions team today. Design your education, transform your future.

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