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Step into excellence with Greene’s as we proudly take the inaugural step towards the opening of our new campus in the Algarve. With a legacy steeped in academic distinction, Greene’s stands as the oldest tutorial College in Oxford. Our almost 200 world-class tutors, holding an average of 2.5 academic degrees from top universities and passionate about education, are experts in nurturing students to excel in their examinations. Together with our highly experienced staff, Greene’s continues its tradition of 57 years of preparing students for the very best higher education institutions in the world, from their IGCSEs through to their A levels.

As a testament to our commitment to excellence, we are honoured to hold the Guinness World Record for the youngest student to complete a full A level programme, at the remarkable age of 8 years old. However, Greene’s is for everyone. Whether a prodigious young scholar, a dedicated athlete striving for success both on and off the sport, or a student with special educational requirements needing extra support and attention, the mission of Greene’s is to empower every student to achieve their fullest potential.

We are delighted to announce that this is an opportunity soon to be available to every student in the Algarve.



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The Tutorial Method of Learning

This style of learning is defined by small group or paired tuition, taught in the Socratic method, with an emphasis on independent study. It allows us to work with you as an individual and support you in cultivating your confidence, critical thinking, ability to work with others, effective oral and written communication and independent learning skills. These skills will prepare you for the transition from A levels to university life and beyond

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delivering results for over 55 years

Students who have taken tuition at Greene’s in the last academic year (2022-23) have gone on to achieve above the British national average in A* and A grades – 45% of grades at Greene’s are A* or A grades.

In 2023, a full-time online student achieved the highest mark in the U.K. for the AQA AS level Geography examination series – learning at Greene’s sticks!

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