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Greene's College

Two-year diploma

The Greene’s Hotel Management & Hospitality Diploma is designed to provide students with comprehensive knowledge and key skills relevant to the hospitality industry, prior to their entry. Students will develop their business acumen and understanding of strategy through their A level programme. Having successfully completed the Diploma, students will gain access to top hospitality and hotel management universities worldwide.


The Diploma is divided into two years, each with its own set of components. Here are the details of each year*:

indicative Year 1

  • AS Thinking Skills: This component focuses on developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills, enabling students to analyse and evaluate complex situations.
  • AS Business Studies: Students explore the fundamental principles of business management, including topics such as marketing, finance, and organisational behaviour.
  • AS Digital Media & Design: This component covers digital media creation and design, equipping students with the skills to effectively communicate and present information in the digital realm.
  • AS French or German: Students have the option to choose either French or German as a foreign language, enhancing their cultural understanding and communication skills. If the student has no working knowledge of either AS French or German, these can be replaced by IGCSE French or German, along with an AS in another language familiar to the student.
  • AS Global Perspectives: This component encourages students to explore global issues and challenges related to the Hospitality industry.
  • Once the exams are concluded, the students will then complete an end of year project.
  • During the summer, students will have the opportunity to do an internship in a 5 star hotel.

indicative Year 2

  • AS Travel & Tourism: This component focuses on the travel and tourism industry, providing students with an in-depth understanding of its dynamics, trends, and management practices.
  • AS Environmental Management: Students learn about sustainable practices and environmental stewardship, promoting responsible and eco-friendly operations, giving them wider experience and awareness of the responsibilities of the Hospitality industry towards the environment.
  • AS Accounting: This component introduces students to the principles of accounting, enabling them to interpret financial information and make informed business and managerial decisions.
  • AS French or German: Students have the option to choose a different AS language subject or to progress to an A level in the same language they studied as an AS in Year 1.
  • AL Global Perspectives: This advanced level component builds upon the AS Global Perspectives course and allows the student to delve deeper into a topic of their interest related to the Hospitality industry.
  • At the end of the second year the student can choose one of two short courses: Advanced Business Programme or Theory of Wine Programme
  • During the Summer, the student will then have the opportunity to do a second internship at a 5 star hotel.
  • Having successfully completed this Diploma, the student will have a pathway open to top Hospitality and Hotel Management universities worldwide.

*Timings may change throughout the academic calendar.


Students will also have the opportunity to intern at a 5* Hotel during the summer after year one and/or year two of the programme.


Annual fee€26.500
Year 1: registration fee€1.560
Year 2: re-registration fee€780



Summer Programme

In addition to the diploma you will have the option to take part in an unique three-week Summer Programme. Students will earn hands-on experience at one of the top hospitality universities in Switzerland. From event management to carrying out market research and analysis and wine tasting, students will develop their hospitality skills, as they learn how to supervise and lead within a team.

Successfully completing the Summer Programme could lead to an unconditional offer to study at the university.

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