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APPLY FOR your GCSE, IGCSE, and A level examinations at Greene’s.

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The examinations centre

Greene’s is a registered examination centre with all the main U.K. examination boards for GCSE, IGCSE, A level and the Cambridge Pre-U.

We welcome both internal and external (private) candidates for a range of examinations and tests at our centres in Oxford and Estoril or for online invigilation.

Greene’s Online

As an examinations candidate at Greene’s you have online access to Greene’s Online which will allow you to interact with your timetables. Please note that digital certificates will be sent out via e-mail, not Greene’s Online.

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Additional examination services


Trial examinations can help you to review the extent to which you are on track to achieve your target grade, and to calm pre-examination nerves. They are particularly useful if you feel you need extra testing and feedback on how ready you really are for the actual exam itself.

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Greene’s offers science practicals courses that meet the requirements of the A level practical endorsement qualification, for examination boards such as Edexcel and OCR, for Biology, Chemistry, Geology and Physics.

A level Science Practicals


An increasing number of students are studying away from their physical university campus; thus, a growing number of universities require their students to take their exams, tests, and assessments under supervised conditions – called proctored exams.

Proctoring Services

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