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Initial DiagnosticStarting PointIELTS Band
Intermediate EFLPre-sixth form study (Foundation year)IELTS band 4.5-5.5
Advanced EFL level I First year of sixth form study (A levels)IELTS band 5.5-6.5
Advanced EFL level 2Second year of sixth form study (A levels)IELTS band 6.5-7.5

There are three Greene’s English language courses designed to take students from an IELTS score of 4.5 to 7.5.

Course details

All tuition at Greene’s is in English. You may need support in developing your English language skills for successful academic study and to achieve the the IELTS certification level required by your prospective university course. IELTS English language certification is universally accepted by universities around the world as a measure of English language proficiency.
Each course involves a mix of group and individual tuition. Typically one group tutorial per day – five per week – plus two individual tutorials per week. The courses courses include a range of material that concentrates on and provides practice in all four skills: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. New grammar and vocabulary is introduced with the aim of improving interpretation of spoken and written work more effectively and employing more accurate and varied grammatical and sentence forms.
Homework and regular testing is an integral part of each course. There are regular online tests that are timed and which should be completed before the next class session. As these tests cover work recently completed, students are expected to score at least 80% in each of these tests. You should allow at least one hour of homework for each course hour. Supplementary individual tuition and/or additional homework may be required to help get students back on track who achieve lower scores.
Other homework assignments include language based exercises and extensive reading.
Today, most internationally recognised English language tests base their assessment on the “four skills” of Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking of which IELTS was a pioneer.

What can we offer?

The Greene’s English language courses offer the following:

  • Practice: daily practice in groups combined with supplementary individual tuition where required.
  • Fluency: timed exercises to increase your speed and accuracy helping you to meet the listening, reading speaking and writing requirements of EFL examinations.
  • Breadth: the grammar, vocabulary and terminology needed for successful academic study.
  • Testing: the course begins with a diagnostic test followed by regular testing to measure progress towards your IELTS target level.

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Course progression

To register for the EFL course, you must take an initial assessment test to establish your CEFR English language level against which your future performance will be measured. CEFR is the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and is the recognised benchmark against which nearly all language qualifications are measured.

Progression to the next course is by internal assessment. To progress from the foundation year to the first year of A level study or the Geoscience Diploma you should achieve an IELTS score of at least 5.5 in each of the four skills.

The average student advances by one IELTS score band per year. This means that if your assessment shows you to have a score band of 4.5 you will be studying English for one year before you are likely to reach a score of 5.5 when you can start your A level course. However, if you work hard and follow the Greene’s English Language learning method this can be shorter.

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