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Some of our students live just down the road, and some are on the other side of the world, so location really is no obstacle. Our courses can provide students with revision or supplementary tutoring, intensive preparation for tests and examinations, university application advice and preparation and even full academic courses as an alternative to school, wherever you are in the world. We call this ‘learning without boundaries’.

At Greene’s, Oxford’s oldest tutorial college, we have over a decade of experience in delivering outstanding tuition online. Each year we deliver thousands of hours of tuition online, both individually and in groups.

The college’s state-of-the-art virtual tutorial rooms combine high-definition video and audio with interactive whiteboards and the ability to record tutorials to review material at a later date.

You can join your online tutorials from anywhere in the world, and make use of our campuses in Estoril and Lisbon, Portugal and Oxford, U.K. as study spaces.

What is Greene’s Online?

Greene’s Online provides students with the online access to see the status and progress of their studies anywhere and at any time.

Students can access:

  • Tutorial reports: tutorial reports, or slips, are a record of the time, duration, grades and academic content for each of your tutorials. These reports, which are generally available 48 hours after the tutorial. They also include details of the homework that is expected for the following tutorial.
  • Statistics: students and clients can see attendance levels, punctuality, as well as the measure of independent study using our Index of Independence (IOI).

Face-to-face or online tuition?

The one question often asked is: is online tuition as effective as face-to-face tuition? The answer is ‘yes’ – and, in fact, many students actually prefer it. As an online student at Greene’s, you will receive tuition from our expert network of tutors – many of whom are graduates of the universities of Oxford or Cambridge. Studying online with Greene’s is an opportunity to widen your access to subject-specific specialists, who might be unavailable locally.

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