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Two-year diploma

The Greene’s Sports Management Diploma is designed to provide students with comprehensive knowledge and key skills relevant to the sporting industry, prior to their entry. Students will learn to apply business and management principles to sporting industry, preparing them for diverse roles in team management, marketing, representation, and facility operations.


The Diploma is divided into two years, each with its own set of components. Below are the details of each year*:

indicative Year 1

  • AS Business Studies: Introduction to key concepts and principles of business management relevant to the world of sports management, including marketing, finance, and operations.
  • AS Global Perspectives: Exploration of global issues from multiple perspectives focused on topics relevant to sports, fostering critical thinking and research skills.
  • AS Psychology: Introduction to fundamental theories and methodologies in psychology, covering topics such as cognitive, social, and developmental psychology.
  • Professional Development Programme: Tailor-made to enhance employability skills, including communication, teamwork, and leadership, promoting the key soft skills and meta-skills that are required of successful young professionals in today’s society and the workplace of tomorrow.
  • Industry and/or University Experience: Opportunities for students to gain practical experience through internships, placements, or visiting a partner university campus.

indicative Year 2

  • A level Business Studies: Comprehensive study of advanced business concepts, including strategic management, organizational behaviour, and business ethics.
  • A level Global Perspectives: In-depth analysis of contemporary global issues, encouraging independent research and critical evaluation.
  • A level Psychology: Advanced exploration of psychological theories and research methods useful for understanding mental processes within the realm of sports, such as athletic performance and consumer psychology.
  • Professional Development Programme: Advanced and comprehensive, incorporating the completion of a portfolio to showcase mastery of employability skills such as communication, teamwork, and leadership. Designed to cultivate the sophisticated soft skills and meta-skills essential for thriving as accomplished young professionals in both contemporary society and the evolving workplace landscape of the future.
  • Industry and/or University Experience: Expanded opportunities for immersive experiences in professional settings or prestigious partner higher education institutions to enrich learning and career prospects.

Having successfully completed this Diploma, the student will have a pathway open to top Sports Management universities worldwide, with special access conditions for partner institutions.


Annual fee£23.900
Year 1: registration fee£1.560
Year 2: re-registration fee£780



The above fees currently do not include VAT. All listed fees are subject to additional VAT costs.

Learn by doing

Greene’s tutorial style of learning is defined by small group or paired tuition, taught in the Socratic method, with an emphasis on independent study. It allows us to work with you as an individual and support you in cultivating your confidence, critical thinking, ability to work with others, effective oral and written communication and independent learning skills. These skills will prepare you for the transition from A levels to university life.

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