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"Teachers make effective use of purposeful and elegantly used question and answer techniques to check and extend students` understanding and to engage students in discussion of topics within the tutorials." - ISI, October 2023.

Meet some of our tutors today: https://greenesoxford.com/our-tutors/

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Listen to Peter from our Estoril campus share his personal experiences, growth, and future aspirations. #GreenesStudentStories #Individuality

Pedro Perino is a rising Formula 4 star, and a student at Greene`s College Oxford.

"I heard that Greene`s was a place where you could do things more at your pace and time, in my case specifically as a pro athlete."

Watch the full interview: https://greenesoxford.com/news/2023/07/31/pedro-perino-feeling-on-track-with-a-levels/

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Sparkling skies and warm smiles! Guy Fawkes Night at Greene’s is more than just fireworks; it’s a celebration of unity, history, and the bright journey ahead for our students. Join us in lighting up the night and igniting dreams. #BrightFuturesAtGreenes #GuyFawkesCelebration #CommunityAndCamaraderie 🎆🎇 ...

"The quality of the curriculum, teaching and learners` achievement is excellent. The curriculum is very well designed to meet the needs of students aspiring to progress to university."

Read the full October 2023 report by the Independent Schools Inspectorate on our website: https://greenesoxford.com/media/2023-greenes-tutorial-college-isi-report-final/

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🎬 Dive into the world of animation with the Greene’s Screen Podcast! Join Leo, Ethan, and Konstantin as they unravel the deep themes and emotional connections in the 2018 Japanese animated drama `Liz to Aoi Tori.` 📽️ Tune in every other Friday for insightful discussions on films and short films with the students and staff at Greene’s College Oxford.

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🎓 Thinking of giving A levels another shot? Click to unlock answers to the top 5️⃣ FAQs on A level retakes! 💪 From the possibility of resitting exams in November to the acceptance of retakes by top U.K. universities, we`ve covered it all to help you make an informed decision. Link in bio to read more! #ALevels #Retake


💡 How does the Oxford tutorial method help our students? Our unique approach to learning nurtures critical thinkers for university and beyond. With a legacy spanning over 55 years, our GCSE & A level results and success stories stand testament to our approach. #GreenesExcellence #BeyondGrades #TailoredLearning #FutureReady ...

🔍 Is there a significant difference between teachers and tutors? Dive into the top 5 FAQs about tutoring, from the essence of paired and shared tutorials to the impressive qualifications of our tutors. At Greene`s, we`re here to elevate your learning experience. 📚

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🎓 Welcome to the second season of the Greene`s Screen Podcast! In this bi-weekly podcast, students at Greene`s College Oxford take a look at films and short films and tackle the questions that often go unanswered. This episode focuses on Liz to Aoi Tori, a 2018 Japanese animated drama. Tune in every other Friday! ✨ #film #podcast #newpodcast #liztoaoitori


📚 Grant Connor, Academic Director at Greene’s College Oxford highlights the transformative power of personalised learning. Read the article first published in The Oxford Times and discover how Greene`s is shaping the future of education and giving students a second chance to excel. 🌟 #EducationMatters #Personalisedlearning #ALevelRetakes #SuccessStories #GreenesCollegeOxford


📢 Looking to tutor in A level English Language? With over 55 years of unparalleled excellence in education, we provide an environment that prioritises both student and tutor growth. Have an impact on a student`s academic journey. Join our professional network of tutors.

Learn more: https://greenesoxford.com/our-tutors/how-to-apply/

Introducing The New Faces of the Oxford Campus` Student Social Committee! 🎉
Greene’s believes in the power of the student voice, and our Student Social Committee stands testament to this belief. A core part of the Greene’s experience, this committee plays a pivotal role in shaping our vibrant student life. After our recent termly elections, we’re thrilled to welcome our newly elected members:
✨ President: Payal
✨ Vice President: Rigg
✨ Social and Cultural Secretary: Ayesha & Johnny
✨ Treasurer: Hagan
✨ Media & Publicity Officer: Leo
✨ Wellbeing Officer: Mahfam
Join us in congratulating them and looking forward to an exciting term filled with unforgettable events and initiatives! #GreeneFamily #StudentLeaders #NewBeginnings

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